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General Christian Recovery Directoriesevangelism help

These Christian recovery sites carry a large range of helpful web-sites and email support lists – some Christian, some secular.

bullet Christians in Recovery (some material in other languages). 
bullet Christian Recovery
bullet Crosswalk's Unwell heart and mind resources
bullet Christian counseling, self-help and support
bullet A Christian Counselor - encouragement and testimony for Christians
bullet 12 Step Cyber Cafe
bullet Christian Recovery database - find Christian recovery ministries within US by area


bullet The Christian Depression Pages
bullet Christian Depression eSupport


bullet Links for survivors - dealing with depression and suicide
bullet Suicide advice page
bullet Help for Suicide
bullet Have a heart
bullet A comprehensive approach to suicide prevention
bullet Suicide support email list


bullet The process of dealing with grief and loss
bullet How the Bible helps in grief
bullet SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrom/Cot death)

Domestic violence

bullet Millennium - ending domestic violence.

bullet Stonewall Revisited
Highly recommended site on gay issues. They do not do counseling themselves, but pass inquirers on to for example First Stone Ministries.
bullet First Stone Ministries
Very good Christian site which offers counseling on different sexual problems: gay issues, pornography addiction, rape and sexual abuse trauma.
bullet Sex addiction: Overcomers outreach | Sex addiction recovery resources | Mastering Life
bullet Christians in Recovery lists
Christian mailing lists for Sex, Love & Porn addicts, also general addictions and for same sex attraction. These are mainly for Christians struggling with these issues.

bullet Stand Up. Relates to child abuse.
bullet Sexual Offense Recovery. Helping victims, relatives, and offenders.
bullet Survivors Healing Homepage. A personal view from a sufferer.
bullet First Stone Ministries. Help and counsel on all sexual matters.
bullet Survivors and friends. Includes some online forums.
bullet Sexual Assault Information Page. Links on a range of problems including rape.
bullet Safe Line - for women who were abused as children.

Pregnancy Crisis Counseling Pregnancy Centers Online
bullet Hope-Net
bullet International Help Pregnancy Network
bullet Pregnancy Centers Online

Post Abortion Trauma
bullet Safe Haven. A page for those suffering post-abortion trauma, non-condemning and supportive, with a gentle evangelistic message.
bullet Hope-Net. Includes help for pregnancy, abortion, incest, rape.

Alcohol and other addictions
bullet Alcoholics Victorious
Christian 12-step support for alcohol and chemical dependency.

Disabilities and illness
bullet Disability page
Links to pages on various physical and mental disabilities.
bullet Chronic illness and pain support
bullet Cancer

Debt counseling
bullet Cornerstone Credit Counseling
For debt counseling within USA - Christian-based, open to anyone.
bullet Christian Financial Concepts
Christian advice on money, plus limited counseling available.

Guide to the major cults

Email Lists and Support Newsgroups
bullet Some are listed in the General Recovery sites. Other support sites may include lists.
bullet Other lists can be found at Lizst, Catalist and MAFxc.
bullet See also Linda Christensen's article on lists, and this Guide's section on Lists and Forums.

Gospel Presentations and Evangelistic Pages
bullet You may also wish to recommend evangelistic web-pages to contacts. Perhaps these evangelistic pages and Gospel presentations would be useful.

If you need resource sites to help people with different problems, look at:

bullet Christians in Recovery
bullet Christian Recovery International - all these also offer links to recovery email support groups
bullet 12-Step Cyber Cafe
bullet Overcomer's Outreach: Christian 12-Step groups
bullet Christian counseling and helps listing
bullet Counseling Guidelines and Resource Links page - includes many more recovery pages for different types of problems
bullet Online greetings cards - sometimes a nice way of showing love and support to someone who needs it


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